Bexy Glow is a powerful female-led brand that wants to make all of your sets the bomb. Because no outfit is ever complete without some banging nails.

Setting a Forever Vibe

Bexy Glow lives for the experimental, rebellious and energetic baddies. Celebrating vibrant colours and self expression we bring ground-breaking ranges of the highest quality products to make your sets a forever vibe.

Bexy Glow brings something entirely different to the market. By combining 8 years of experience (working as a professional nail technician), an eye for detail and quality, and of course, some out of this world colours, Bexy Glow is about to light this place up.

Come through glowing

At Bexy Glow, we are here to bring creative freedom to all of our girls. By releasing colour runs that are full of fresh inspiration we want to prove that every set can be different and all of our ladies can come through glowing.

All of our acrylics are mixed to guarantee consistency, big feelings and nights that you’ll never forget. So, grab your favourite colour, gather your senoritas, it's time to hit the town, because you’re looking hot and bringing all of the vibes.

Time for a glow up

We are looking for as many of you fabulous nail technicians as possible to join the Bexy Glow-up revolution. As our products are designed to the highest possible standards they are meant for skilled hands and professional use. The more technicians we have on the team, the more firing sets on the street, you know it makes sense.